Covent Garden and Cocktails…

Hi everyone,

So my favourite season is upon us and this means one thing – day drinking.  And where better to do this than my favourite city in the world – London. Recently a friend and I visited an amazing place in Covent Garden called The Escapologist. It’s literally located in the heart of Covent Garden, about 3-5 minutes walk away from the station so it’s super easy to get to. As soon as we got there the place definitely stuck out to me, it was easy to find even though the signs and decoration outside were of a minimalistic nature. It’s an underground bar and so on the outside its literally just a bricked up building with a door and menu’s stuck on the outside, no windows but still manages to give a warm and inviting welcome. So when we walked in, we were immediately welcome by two amazingly friendly girls who were incredibly chatty from the get go which really set the pace for my experience there. They were so happy and enthusiastic it literally set my mood and make me excited and made me want to be there. We went on a Saturday and hadn’t booked a table – rookie mistake. London on the weekend when the suns out means there will be people, everywhere. Even as a cocktail bar, those tiny tables get booked up so it’s definitely worth ringing up and saving yourself a seat before you get there.


Once you walk down the stairs, there’s an instant 70’s feel set by the dim lights wooden walls, and tiled floors. The walls have Victorian style portraits with a a colourful modern twist on them with lights shining on them which, a long with some other dim lighting dotted about, is pretty much the only lighting which gives it a real secretive vibe. Almost as if it was kind of a secret bar that wasn’t meant to be there. My friend and I discussed all this before reading the front page of the menu – which I’ve said before and will say again, I would always recommend you doing, as not only do you always learn something new, it helps contribute to turning your visit into an experience. By doing so we realised that this was the purpose of the bar. It’s themed around an 1898 Victorian men’s club and the sort of outrageousness of the partying scene by working-class men back then. I think my favourite part of the decoration was probably the ceiling. It was a spray painted starry sky and I loved that. It gave the place the modern twist they were aiming for and I thought it complimented the dim lighting perfectly.

So I actually didn’t originally intend on going here, There was another place in central London I wanted to go to but I was browsing through the website Groupon on the train journey there and saw that they had the most amazing deal. 3 cocktails for £12 or 6 for £24. My friend and I went for the £24 deal meaning three drinks each at £4 each which, for the standard of drink, was absolutely amazinggggg. When we got there we let the ladies know that we had this deal, the scanned our bar code and gave us 3 tickets each. I ordered the Flaming Zombie, a Passionfruit Mojito (obviously) and then ended up with another Flaming Zombie. They were both quite sweet drinks which is what I tend to go for with my drinks and they were all beautifully made. There were only two bartenders and they were under a lot of pressure but they still managed to be super polite and quick about what they were doing. As well as this they actually made drink making look so fun and it was kind of like watching a really quick master class and so this all added to the experience.


Left: Flaming Zombie | Right: Brit Spritz


Right: Flaming Zombie | Left: Passion Fruit Mojito

I will definitely be returning here, the place itself was amazing, the drinks were well made and fabulously priced and the staff were so friendly. If you’re looking for casual drinking spots this summer in central London, be sure to head over here as you will not be disappointed at allll and if you do go here be sure to let me know how it went, I would absolutely love to hear about your experience.

Thank you so so much for reading.

Have a beautiful day




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