Gourmet on a Budget…


Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since my last post and I am very sorry for the wait! Things have been occupying my time as well as the fact that I haven’t really felt that inspired to write about any of the places I’ve been visiting. BUT. I’m back. and today I come to you from a different city – Nottingham. I had a week off uni and decided to go and visit some friends up there and whilst I was there, the girls and I ended up at a restaurant in the city centre called Wildwood.


As always let me start with the decoration and the atmosphere. We went at around 7/8pm on a Thursday evening. It wasn’t that busy, there were people here and there and what looked like a work meal but that was about it so as for the vibes it was pretty chilled out. The atmosphere helped this chilled out vibe as the place had dimmed lights and low music. Not the type that sends you to sleep but wasn’t loud enough to disrupt conversation. The decoration itself is so hard to describe. It had a sort of industrial feel to it; the tables were metal as well as the ceiling lights and as you walk through the door, there’s a thick dark curtain pushed either side so it was all kind of hard textures and colours. The floor was tiled as well as the walls with like dark green, browny and cream colours patterned around the place as well as the walls having dark marble looking like pillars. This was all complimented by divine leather chairs all fitting in with the colour scheme. I personally loved the decoration, it had a real mature feel to it as well as being comfortable.

The menu was pretty standard just like an A3 menu – simple and easy. I do normally like an eccentric menu but it did fit in with the theme of the place.For my drink I ordered a mojito (one day I’ll order a different drink I promise) BUT in my defence it was a a mojito with a bit of a twist and was called the ‘Wildwood Mojito’  It had all the basic ingredients; rum, mint, lime etc but was topped with Prosecco. I liked the drink, it wasn’t the best one I’ve ever had, it was pretty sweet but I liked it. The only thing I will say is that normally, the ice should be crushed but it was cubed this time. That sounds soooooooooooooo pretentious of me and I don’t mean to sound that way at all! But after having that drink with crushed ice so many times and never understanding why it had to be so specific, to having it with cubed you can tell why it the ice needs to be crushed it honestly makes a massive difference I promise!

So to start with I had the ‘Mozzarella Garlic bread with caramelised onions’ which was beautifully made and presented it. The only thing I will say if you choose to order this is that it was quite a hefty portion which then made finishing my main course incredibly difficult to finish so if you do decide to have this, definitely definitely share it. It was so good but for a starter it could have been easily shared. So bare that in mind!! For my main I had the ‘Fresh casarecce pasta’  which included chicken, red pesto, creme fraiche & spring onions. It was a bit spicy which wasn’t mentioned on the menu so if you don’t like that be aware but I loved it. Again it was super fresh and filling and I added a side of rocket and parmesan salad and mixed it in with my meal just because I really love rocket and parmesan and it was all delicious. This restaurant has no particular speciality, they have everything from pizza to pasta to burgers so there was a massive variety to pick from. As a group of 5, we all picked different main courses and they were all so freshly made and beautifully presented so if you do end up here there is so much to choose from and enjoy.


“Mozzarella Garlic Bread with caramelised garlic bread, topped with parmesan cheese and then I added olive oil and balsamic vinegar”


“Fresh casarecce pasta and Rocket and parmesan salad”

The service was good, lovely friendly staff who looked after us but weren’t too in our faces which was perfect. All in all it was an extremely positive experience which i can’t really fault, I really loved it. The restaurant do a deal where students get 50% off on all food meaning my starter and main and side salad and cocktail came to £18. The deal explicitly applies to food so minus my cocktail, I would have paid about £10! However, fear not, they don’t just do deals for students, there is a wide range of offers on their website which are all amazing. Wildwood have loads more branches across the country so definitely look on their website and find one close to you and let me know how you found it!

Thank you so much for reading.

Have a beautiful day,




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