Scones or Scones?…

Hi everyone,

So I’m back in Brighton, and after not seeing the girls for a while, we needed a catch-up and we wanted to try something a little different. So we tried Afternoon tea. If you are male and reading this you’re probably thinking ‘well this definitely isn’t for me’ but before you read this just be open to the idea of it. Afternoon tea isn’t something that you do frequently like going out for lunch or dinner, I personally had only ever been once before this time. You don’t go if you’re starving hungry and are looking to have a filling meal. It’s kind of like going out for coffee except much classier and more posh.

So we went to The Grand Hotel located right on the sea front and as it was such a beautiful day the views were incredible. As soon as we walked in there was immediately a different vibe to the typical student casual vibes felt all around Brighton. This place was beyond classy. High ceilings, marble tables, chandeliers, antique ornaments, elegant chairs, the lot. And I loved it. The decoration was incredibly detailed at the reception and in the main foyer, it was quite literally the definition of grand and like I said it’s so different from your usual Brighton setting and that’s what made it so refreshing.

Ok so they’re pretty formal with the way they do things, you can book in on the 2pm sitting or the 4:30pm sitting. As they were booked up for the 2pm sitting we went for the 4:30pm so if you’re thinking about going I’d 100% recommend booking a table and definitely not just turning up (being told there’s no tables when you’re dressed cute is that more heartbreaking) so ring up and book!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good cup of tea and obviously as I knew we would be going out for tea beforehand, all throughout the day I was reaaaaaally looking forward to some scones with cream and jam with a good brew. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know I often take careful notice of the physical menu itself, not just what’s on it but I genuinely believe that you can tell a lot about a place by the menu. This one happened to be a Grey leather booklet which had an introduction about Afternoon Tea itself and where it originated which I thought was super cute and really set the scene and though most people wouldn’t have noticed it or read it the fact that it was there says a lot about the standard they’re trying to achieve. Anyway, there’s two main options on the menu when it comes to the food aspect…


I know it seems a bit pricey for some cakes and tea, especially as a student, but I promise the atmosphere and experience of doing something different makes up for it. I wasn’t starving hungry so I opted for the Victoria Terrace Tea accompanied with the Grand Victoria Tea as you can see on the menu above. Like I said earlier I was really excited for my scones but unfortunately I was slightly disappointed by them. I was expecting fresh, straight out of the oven scones but at first bite they were slightly tougher than I had been expecting (maybe I was dreaming about them for too long beforehand) but the cream and jam were actually amazing so it made up for it. My tea was beautifully presented in Silverware teapots and authentic tea cups and was incredibly satisfying.

Ok boys I hope you’re still with me and are still reading because this is not the only place that does Afternoon tea and though it is traditionally a feminine thing to do, there is no rule that says you can’t go with a mixed group of people and try something new. Think about it, when was the last time you did something for the first time?… I can guarantee there is somewhere near you that does it too so don’t slate it before you try it. Some of you might be put off by the pricing but like I said this isn’t something you do every week, not yet anyway, just once in a while or just to be able to say yep I’ve done that. Afternoon Tea is definitely as posh as it sounds but I would 100% go back to the Grand Hotel again, not just for Tea but as I was able to see their normal extensive menu which all looked so delicious.


If you do manage to go out for Afternoon Tea I would love to hear about how it went to please please please let me know!! My aim with this blog is to never have one post be too similar to another. I’m always looking to experience new environments in terms of food and I’m hoping to keep this blog evolving and unpredictable. This post was quite different from my previous ones but I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless.

Thank you for reading

Have a beautiful day




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