Cocktails and catch-ups…


Hello everyone,

So this post is about a restaurant/bar in Bexleyheath on the outskirts of South East London called Zingara. Located on the high street, Broadway, a bit past Asda towards Welling, the restaurant has a particularly Spanish/Mexican feel to it. When we first walked in you are literally bombarded with every colour of the rainbow at the spacious bar. The seats, the tables and the bar decoration that hit you immediately got me instantly excited. I’m unsure if this excitement came from the anticipation of reuniting with old friends or because when I walked in I saw the most magical display of cocktails but either way – I was excited. – Good start.


So when you first walk in it’s just a casual bar with casual low tables and low comfy seats. My friend and I found ourselves in a little bit of an awkward position as neither of us had been there before and so were not aware that the restaurant was further back so we stood there awkwardly waiting to be seated and only after wondering around a bit did we realise. So anyway we found the hostess and after a little hesitation, we were seated. I’m only mentioning the hesitation because we spontaneously decided to go here on a Thursday without having booked a table. On Thursdays they have their ‘Buy one get one free’ on all cocktails all day deal so undoubtedly it’s one of their busiest nights. We were lucky to get a table immediately but if you are thinking about going here for dinner on a Thursday, definitely definitely book!


Drink at the front is a Passion Fruit Mojito, to the left of it is Tainted Rainbow to the right at the back is Apple and Cranberry Mojito and on its right is a Frenchie.

Ok so the drinks. Thank God for Thursdays. This place had quite an extensive list of cocktails, there were literally so many and they were all on offer. It took so long to decide that the waitress came to ask if we were ready at least 3 times I’m sure. Much to my surprise, they had a special list of Mojitos which is 100% my all time favourite cocktail. I went for the Passion fruit Mojito which is literally just a classic mojito with passionfruit added and it was delicious. A condition of the deal is that you have to get two of the same cocktail. So we all partnered up and agreed on the cocktails we wanted, and then that way we all had two different drink each instead of two of the same. So whilst I got the mojito’s, my friend ordered the ‘Tainted Rainbow’ so I ended up with one mojito and one Tainted Rainbow and so did she. Tainted Rainbow cocktail is a very very sweet drink, and quite fruity. You can taste the alcohol but it doesn’t have a massive kick to it. The Mojito was so good and the added passion fruit was noticeable and made it that much better.

Whilst we were there, the girls and I couldn’t figure out what kind of restaurant it was, whether it was Spanish or Mexican etc. When I go to a restaurant I like to know what their speciality is because more often than not that’s what they’re best at making. The theme and atmosphere of the place suggested a Spanish sort of vibe but the menu didn’t really adhere to this. It had more of an international vibe to it, as the menu, which was literally a book, had all types of food on it. On the menu you can either order a meal or you can order a series of 1, 3, or 5 dishes from the Appetisers list. If you’re looking to try different things I would definitely recommend the appetisers deal. Again everyone partnered up, went for the three dishes appetisers deal and that way everyone was sharing 6 different plates of different foods. The dishes that particularly tickled my fancy were the Beef Kebab, Chicken Quesadilla’s, Loaded Potato skins and the Moroccan meatballs. All delicious and well made, however the one downside to the beef kebab is that it was a small portion – I would have loved more. We also got Bruschetta, (Toasted Italian bread topped with a selection of Parma ham, smoked salmon, grilled goats cheese and chopped tomatoes with basil, garlic and olives) A personal favourite of mine normally, however I was pretty disappointed with this dish, the bread wasn’t fresh so was a bit like cardboard and hadn’t been warmed up so the dish wasn’t great. Besides that the rest of the food was really good and I’m so glad I went for the Appetisers deal.


So the service. It was.. okay. Normally at restaurants you have one waiter/waitress for the whole night. We had 4. As a table of four we weren’t a large table and I can understand having more waitresses to serve the ridiculous number of plates we had ordered. But we constantly had people interrupting and asking ‘would we like more drinks?’ ‘Is everything okay?’. At the beginning it was kind and really good service but after a while it became a bit annoying to keep being interrupted. As well as this, our main waitress who took our order seemed like she didn’t want to be there by her attitude and unfriendly nature. These seem like petty, unnoticeable things, but service is sooooo key to any restaurant, and as I mentioned earlier, I was so excited to be there so to even notice something like this it can change your perception completely.

I would definitely recommend this place, especially on a Thursday night, for a girls night or a catch up with a group of friends. When I went it was a very loud, lively atmosphere, so this wouldn’t be the best place for intimate conversations or first dates. Going as a group was definitely a good decision. The low lights and Spanish/Moroccan decor sets a real relaxing and chilled mood and the fact that it’s so laid back means you can just chill out.

If you do manage to go here, let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear how you found it.

Thanks for reading.

Have a beautiful day




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