Hi guyssss,

This week I went to an Argentinian restaurant called CAU in Blackheath London. I’ve been home for a couple weeks so wanted to try out places that weren’t in Brighton and opted for something a little different from your regular chain Italian restaurants or American Diner.


The place was super modern with black/white/grey decor but at the same time, the monochrome effect of the place created by the subtle blue lighting and the bold contrasting menu’s made it feel a bit 70’s to me. Personally I loved the decoration, it was light it was different and it was refreshing. If you’re wondering why I’m even talking about the decoration it’s because I think the way a restaurant  is decorated is important for setting the mood/atmosphere and helps understand the message the owners and people who run the place are trying to convey. Besides what kind of food a restaurant serves, how it actually looks inside is so key in deciding whether or not you choose to go in.


So I went for a late lunch, mid week and the place had a couple of families with kids dotted about but wasn’t that busy at all meaning we were able to choose where we wanted to sit.

Ok so the service. To begin with it was just a little bit cheeky. As soon as we sat down, before we had even been given a menu, the waiter asked if we wanted water and bread and me being me, I agreed to it all not realising it wasn’t complimentary (lol). Obviously it was kind of them to offer and maybe thats their restaurant ettiequte but if you’re thinking about going here and you’re a student like myself just be careful.


Since it was an Argentinian restaurant they specialised in meat, specifically steaks and so that is what my friend and I both got. I ordered the 220g Rump steak with skinny chips, tomato salad (but I asked for a bit of rocket with it) and as designated driver I got their homemade lemonade and this with the bread and water at the beginning came to about £25.


‘Very Berry’ smoothie on the left and Homemade Lemonade on the right.

The lemonade was wonderful. Sweet and well made and my friend got the ‘Very Berry’ smoothie which was also delicious. As for my rump steak, I ordered it medium-well which I normally do but with other steaks such as Rib-eye or Sirloin but the steak I was given, was very much just well done. As a Rump is quite a thick piece of meat, it meant that the steak was quite tough and hard to cut. I should have ordered it medium in order to get maximum tenderness and succulency but instead I was found myself chewing for ages with every bite which is not cute. My friend ordered a medium sirloin steak and after trying his we both agreed that his was more medium-well rather than just medium.

As well as all this, the presentation of the food was very questionable. It was literally just each of our steaks in the middle of a plate and that was it. I think when you do things like this and want the steak to be the main focus you should serve it on a different sort of plate. A unique one rather than a normal white circle one. I know it sounds like I’m being very particular but looking at it, the steak didn’t look appealing at all and when this happens this can literally put people off their food.

I try to stay away from massive chain restaurants such as Pizza Express or TGI Fridays because they’re places we’ve all been to before and know what are like. However, one of the reasons I chose this restaurant was because I noticed they had quite a few restaurants in other cities such as Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham, Kingston etc. meaning this post is bit more applicable to a wide range of people who can have the opportunity to visit and see for themselves. Contrary to what I’ve just said I would visit again simply because they had such a wide variety of food on the menu, I want to try other things on there and I’d like to see what the service would be like in a different location. The staff in Blackheath were kind and polite, they gave us space but also made sure everything was okay at all times – so the service wasn’t bad at all but there is definitely room for improvement.

The restaurant is seemingly very casual, and by this I mean singing along to ‘Dancing in the Moonlight” whilst eating is okay. They’re very laid back during the day so this would be the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a quick lunch with your friends or a catch up with an old friend. Just choose your food wiselyyyyyy.

They have 17 restaurants in the UK as well as one in Amsterdam so if you’re curious try it out and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading

Have a beautiful day,




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