Spring Evenings…

Hi guys,

So last night I visited a cute little cafe/bar in Brighton called The Hop and Vine. Situated in a residential part of Brighton known as Fiveways not far from Hollingbury, the restaurant (formally, it’s known as a cafe but it felt like a restaurant to me) has a super homely feel to it. As soon as I walked in the mauve walls mixed with the wooden furniture, smooth music, chalk boards with specials written on and fairly lights hanging around the windows made the place feel super warm and cosy with a rustic feel. The family-friendly place was not super busy  when we arrived around 5pm on a Saturday evening and as we had been originally been seated right next to the door my friend and I were able to move straight to the back where it was cosier and more comfortable.

post2 hopandvine 4.JPG

We kicked off our meal with a couple of cocktails (of course), Mojito for myself and cosmopolitan for my friend. The Mojito was extremely well made, beautifully presented and literally tasted divine and their 2 for £10 deal on selected drinks meant that I had no problem ordering another one…

post2 hopandvine 5.JPG

Glass at the top is a Cosmopolitan and glass at the bottom is a Mojito

I ordered the 6 oz Beef Burger which was made up of ‘Fresh made Sussex steak burger in a brioche bap, with Little Gem lettuce, a slice of fresh tomato and pickled gherkin. Served with coleslaw and hand cut chips.’  This came to £11.95 which for the standard of the meal I thought was extremely reasonable. The burger was honestly out of this world fresh like as in it crumbled as I cut it apart which I loved because it showed that it was 100% beef and even better that it was locally sourced. It was very well cooked and just tasted delicious. The chips and the coleslaw were also fresh and lovely, like you could really taste that this was a homemade meal.

post2 hopandvine 6

So around 6/half 6 they turn the music up a little bit more and the atmosphere gets a tiny bit more lively. Not lively as in dancing on bars, passed out in the corner lively, but lively as in its getting dark outside and so the lights inside are starting to set a mood and you’ve had a couple of cocktails and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey comes on and you’re singing along in a tone just louder than a whisper kind of lively…

The service was great, waitresses were lovely ladies who were very laid back but more than happy to help. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. Whether you’re just looking to grab drinks or a full meal, the atmosphere is so calm and relaxing it’s definitely somewhere that deserves to be visited in Brighton.

Thanks for reading,

Have a beautiful day.




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