Birthday drinks anyone?…


Hi angels,

So here it is, my first post and it’s dedicated to my birthday!!

So in order to celebrate my day, a friend and I decided to go out for Dinner and drinks and we ended up at Oki-Nami, a restaurant and cocktail bar. Located on Jubilee Street in the heart of Brighton city centre, the place is cute and chic and is surrounded by massive bold buildings such as the theatre and other large chain restaurants so the place doesn’t stick out at all, you really need to look for it. So you can decide to either go in downstairs and eat at the restaurant or go through the side door and up the stairs to the cocktail bar.

and of course, we chose the cocktail bar.

So after climbing the stairs we got to probably the cutest little bar I’ve ever seen. It was classy and relaxed, there were a handful of tables for customers, I’d say the bar fits about 20-25 people and the red walls mixed with the dim lighting set a really chilled vibe.

Ok ok on to the service. I was impressed. The chilled setting rubbed off on the staff who allowed us to sit wherever we wanted, let us look over the menu for a couple of minutes then came and took our order. For a Saturday night in Brighton at 8pm we were able to walk in with no reservation and get seated straight away it was quite the miracle. The drinks were divine and for cocktails they were reasonably priced – £7 each.

So what would I change? I noticed that the staff were quite casually dressed and by casually I mean, in a t-shirt, covered with a checked shirt, paired with converse. For the type of place it was a bit too casual for me and was so noticeable it contrasted with the atmosphere. However the staff were lovely and not too involved with your night, they let you get on with it. Brighton’s nightlife so active and loud, this place is like a breath of fresh air. If you like happy hour, £1 jagerbombs and karaoke then this is not the place for you… If you’re looking for intimate conversation, relaxing atmosphere and chilled vibes Oki-Nami is the place for you.

Have a beautiful day.

IMG_2393post 1 oki nami 2

post 1 oki nami

Cocktails featured are ‘Raspberry Pitchfork’ and ‘Hearts Desire’ (from left to right)




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